Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celt Vintage Doilies again

Here they are.. Doilies again from Celt Vintage. Pond of Lily and Doily Drama. I give an eye candy colour for Doily drama and modified the last row. In Pond of Lily I added a few row (in white colours). Love them all. Thanks again for sharing Christine.

Celt Vintage doilies

Thank you Christene for all lovely patterns. These are some of celt vintage pattern that I have been participated in celt group. Love them all.

Flower Pineapple Doily

This is an order from one of my friend. She needed a doily for about 70 cm. I make it with cotton thread no.20. Mix with rayon (variagated thread for flowers). I use sakura flower which I have been write the pattern for square.

I love this one.. Could I write this pattern?.. I think I must make it again.. lol

E-booklet Small Doilies

I love doilies with thread. These are my new collection of it. Diameter only 20-35 cm. Work with cotton thread no.20-30.
Some of my friends ask me to make these patterns. I try to write them all.
Finish with text pattern but havent finish the chart :)
Hope inspire you .
Keep on dancing

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shawl from Japanese book

Work with softy cotton CraftandMe ), crochet hook no. 7/0. Need 2,25 balls. Only finish in one day.
Pattern from one of japanese book. Love it

Monday, March 16, 2009

My hat collection

These are my hats collection. All of them are some order that I have been received from my friends and relatives.
Thank you so much for love my design.