Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Baby Girl dress

I make all of these things for a gift . Hope ibu Yuni love it .Wait for your pic with your little one :D
Congratulation for your new baby girl. A new member of your family.


In our country we use shawl as "selendang". It can be use when we wear our traditional clothes "Kebaya". I try to make it in crocheting. Love this one :D

Small and Big Granny :D

This is my pattern for granny booties. I modified it and make it a slipper. One model in different size :D

Greeny handbag

This is an order from my friend. She satisfied with this one and order another one with another design. :D. If you see in this bag . You'll see I just found a modification stich to make a large stich in one row ( looks like 2,5 rows). I name it "thata stich". I havent make a tutorial and hope my son will help me to make a vidio for this stich.

Bolero for little girl

This is an order for 7 years old girl. Kayla and Shifa. Thank you so much for appreciate my works.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Make over your glass Jar

Make your old jar looks new or something different for your special day. You'll make your cookies look yummy too :D. I make it with crochet hook no. 0/0 . Use WSS ( Craft and Me ). I use crab stich at border to make it 3 D efect.

I name them :
Left : Simple and Elegant
Right : Romantic Flower

Hope it could inspire you :D. Lets make over our jar.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Play with doilies

I have received many doilies from my friends as a gift. I put them together and joining them with crochet. Free form and joining with Irish. I place them at bamboo mat and hang them on my wall. I love it :). If you have many doilies and dont know what to do.. just email me and I'll give you my adress.. LOL.. just kidding .