Friday, August 31, 2007

Flower motif in my doilies

Flower motif is one of my favourite. I always inspire with this motif. Pinky doily in three colours mix, wrapper doily in blending thread ( have an order), oval doily in cotton no.20. They have a different size, large for oval doily, medium for pinky doily and small for wrapper doily ( only 22 cm ).... :).

After this I want to make a centerpiece/table cloth again cause need this for a gift :) Have a nice weekend for all of you.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Entrelac Baby Hat

Baby projects again and again. Cause my friends need it these days. Hats, socks, blanket, sweater, vest... its all in my wip projects. Hope I could finish them on schedule..:)

This one is a preemie hat with tunisian stiches. I make with entrelac (love this method), and used cotton thread. Not too difficult but it's look great.
Note :
Now I have a model for my baby projects, this is a doll when I was a little girl. My mother sent me from Jakarta. Thanks for keeping my doll mom. Its fit for baby size (1-3 months)...:)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Square Flower Doily

This is my second doily that has a pattern. The text pattern finished, but the graph pattern still in process :) I need some more days to finish the graph pattern.
Material : Indonesian cotton thread
Size : 32 x 55 cm
Hope you'll like it. Pattern will be post soon at Thata's Boutique

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Kitty Pin Cushion

This is my project with my left over thread. I need a new pin cushion... I think Hello Kitty is one to easy to make and quickly too. Big enough ( 11 cm x 8 cm ). When my friend see it... She said... Ooo pin cushion??.. I think you'll better make a little cutie doll. So... she order me a hello kitty doll. Could I do it? Imagine for a while and just try it...:)

Barbie in my style

My friend needs some barbie dress for her daughter. Finished them this week end. The party gown with white colour (gorgeous barby), the cocktail dress in orange colour (cheerful barby) and the casual dress with army look. I give to her this morning and she's satisfie with all my design... Glad to hear this.. If you have a barbie doll.. maybe you could try to make over her...:)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bandana in colours

My friends gave me an order; 12 bandanas with various colours and style last week. These are some of my designs. I make 6 bandanas with crocheting and 6 bandanas with knitting. Thanks for the order. Hope she'll like it.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mini dress book mark

I really like this cutie dress. I modified the original pattern from here
If you want to try in my pattern please click at Thata's Pattern

Sunday, August 12, 2007

62 Th Indonesia Merdeka

Happy Anniversary to our Independence day (august 17th 2007).

I make 2 coasters and 1 dishplate with "my finger" only (crochet with finger). It's easy to make and fast too. You only need 4 ply yarns and your finger. Make it with ch, sc and dc.

The second one I make 2 pin with red and white colour for my friends whose choose to be a comittee at our independence day.

I also make a dress and a sweater ornament. We can hang anywhere we like. Just to make full of red and white everywhere in august.
The dress is modified from :

Baby blouse in new style

This is one of my wip project for baby projects. It must be finish last week but I have no idea, so I put it for a while... Mba Ijum (one of my friend in Tokyo) give me an inspiration when she posted her daughter with a new bolero... Thanks for the inspiration mba...:) So this is my new style in baby blouse. Hope it could inspire you too

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Crocheting for Beginner

This is my first book for crocheting.
Content :
Basic stiches for crocheting
Pattern with graphs and text (20 patterns inside)
Pages : 81

Ideas : with simple stiches you can make something special and looks great.
Hope this book could inspire Indonesian crocheters
Thank you so much for all supports.. GBU