Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dinamic Crochet and Me ( Book 5)

I forgot to post this one at my blog. It the last book that I have written with my friends. 

Thank you so much for all my friends, relatives and publisher. 

Praise to the Lord. Finally I could finised my second book work together with some of my friends at Dinamic Crochet.

Love the final. Write in Indonesian language and we hope this book could be an inspiration for many crocheters and knitters in our country.

Now, I still work with designing and writing. Love to share to all of you who loves crocheting very much. 

Play with your squares

You only need to join 2 squares to make this sachet. I used my left over yarns.

Add with ribbon and hang at my closet (cupboard). Put a potpouri perfume inside... dadadada...

You'll see cutie things in your closet and give you a great fragrance.

Hope you could inspire.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Dream of Flowers

Do you love flowers?? I do. 

Many of my designs inspire from flowers. Now, i make 2 headbands with flower added. Dont know the name of these flowers.