Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lesson 4 (Contemporer Centerpiece)

This is my final lesson at our group ( How to read a text pattern ). I make a centerpiece and divide it in 3 parts. This picture is until part 2. I always work with free style and "feel" so dont know what motifs in part 3. Hope it could finished this week. C'mon girls lets dancing again..:D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Square motif ( 25 cm )

Just modifie my pattern at From DC with Love from 14 cm turn to 25 cm.
I work with yarns and cotton thread no.20. Love them all.
Make an Afghan with this square'll be great I think :) but.. when I could make it. Too busy these days.

My second book

Note : Click at the picture for larger imageThis book is release this weekend . Hope it could be distribute asap to all book stores in our country. I think this book will available at Gramedia next week. This is a crochet book for baby. Write in text and graph pattern (symbol). You can see booties, bibs, mitten, dresses, jacket, blanket, bed cover, bottle cover, pants, hats and skirt for babies.

Thank you so much for all supports for this book. I really appreciate it.

See you again in my next book (3) year???? he..he...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sun Shine in my blouse

Da..da... finally I finished this one. Look at my new buttons collection make my inspiration sprang out.

When I look again in my blouse the only words in my head is "sun shine".

Santi has tested the pattern and love it. This colour is perfect for her skin. Hmm... i think i need take a rest right now :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

Square bag

I modified mya first square design to make this bag. It's about 25 x 27 cm. Big enough for an elementary shool girl :) I make this bag for our charity project at : From Dinamic with Love

Just step by step... hand in hand with all my friends who has been involved in our charity group. Hope our project could motivate them.
Thank you so much for all participants. Hope we could always share together.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Our lovely button

click at the image for enlarge
Our country has many etnic craft. One of it is button craft. I really like collecting this one. Etnic and unique buttons. Look at this picture. Are they unique? Made from coconut shell and bone ( broken white colour ). Thanks alot for giving me these button.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Secret Bug Handy Bag :D

Anywhere I go.. I always bring my hook and yarn.

I need a cutie secret bag.. to make anyone dont know that "inside" my bag is only hook and yarn.

So I try to make this one. Cutie enough and stylish enough :D. I think everyone wouldn't thing that I bring my war tools inside it... :D . I can bring 2 balls of yarn, 2-3 crochet hook inside it.. yiiipiii....

Want to try to make it... I'll make this bag for a lesson in how to read a text pattern part 3... Cmon girls you can do it... just dancing your finger...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our charity Scarf

What do you think?? Are they sophisticated?These are our scarves for charity project ( From DC with Love ). Thank you to all of you who has been participated in our group.
Thank you to Fenny and Katrin who has joining these squares together.
I'm very happy my design in square could be variated like these. Still wait for another squares... cause we want to make another project. Our next project is baby blanket. Hope we have more participant for this project.

Simple Cutie sachet (Lesson 1)

Read a text pattern is a big problem from some of us (in my dc group). So this month i try to make a game lesson in our group. I write the text pattern ( simple things) and some of dc members make a project with it. If you want to see all of their creation please take a look at :

I used free style method in our project. There are 8 patterns that I'll share with them. They can use their style or modified my pattern.. just be yourself..:D

Hope after this simple lesson all of us could be read a text pattern better.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wave of Love Square

Click at the image for larger view
This is my third design for our charity project ( From Dinamic with Love )
I design it for our baby blanket project. So i think make something cutie is great.
5 hearts inside with 5 different colours means... all of us who has participate/contribute at our project came from different country, culture, language, religion, etc. Unity in diversity....
But... we have the same vision (heart) to help other people with our talent.. :)
Hope this time my design could make all of you dancing again...
Again thank you so much for take a part of our charity projects..

Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Story of this blanket

We have some projects for our friends at DC group. We make a blanket for Ossy, Villi and Riri who want to have a new member of their family. Thet sent me some squares and my job is to joint them together.
Thank you so much for participating at our project. Happy crocheting always.