Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Accecoiress design again

Another creation of mine in accecoiress. I love to make these things.. and still many wip of them.
I use magnetic clap for my necklace. And for my earing i use silver metal.
Work with rayon cotton thread, beaded, and ICT.
For make my circle look great, I used "a plastic ring". You can see it at CraftandMe

Indonesian Traditional Motif

Try to put our traditional motif at crocheting. Still learning how to make it in a great look.
I love our batik, songket, ulos, etc. Hope someday I could interpretation all these motif in crocheting or knitting.
Hope it could be an inspiration for indonesian crocheter or knitter who has take a part at our challenge.
Wait for my next project :D

Bullion Ripple Square

The idea of this square is came from Risna- Thailand when we made a conference chat at yahoo last week.
I posted my square at my group and Fenny told us that it'll be good if we put this square for FDWL ( From Dinamic with Love )
It's a great idea. We have a 3D square and if we have another one.. it'll be great to joint them together.
So take a yarn again, dancing again, and finish.
Size : 15 cm, hook size : 4/0, work with ICT thread plain and blend.
I modifie to make another square for my next bag too :D. Havent finished yet.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little pinky for Snowy

What do you think ? :D

Cutie?? Isnt it??
I hope Ruth like my new design for Snowy. Be patient Browny, I also make for you too.
Chiro...hi..hi.. you're the last one.. Be patient too.
Thanks for inspiring me Ruth :)
Note : Click at the image for larger view

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cro-tatting and Bullion Stiches

Note :
Click at the image for larger view

I knew about these stiches year ago, but I only try these technique. Havent make a project with them.

Now, it's time for me to make a new thing in 2008. I try to mix cro tatting and bullion stiches in my project.

I make a bookmark, bandana, and a doily. I edging my doily with bruges crohet.

Love them all and I'll mix and match them again in my next project.

Square for charity bag

This is my square modification design. First, I made it only 15 cm. Many of my friends love this design. They really enjoy play with it. So, I decided to make a new version for 25 cm. I'll be use on our charity project.

Then... I thought about how to joining them together? I try to make a new version. I name it "vertical strip". Cause if you see. You cant see where I make a joining. It only look like a vertical strip in it. So... if you see the side of the bag.. you'll see vertical strip, if you see in front of the bag you'll see a round in a square. Play with minimal 2 colours of yarn. Hmmm, I really satisfied with my creation :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

For Pet lover

These are my sister ( Ruth ) pet. They're so cutie. I have a chalenge to make some dresses for them.

This one is for Snowy, cause she is so sweety. I make her a ripple dress. Next, I'll try to make a flower dress for Snowy.

For Browny, I plan to make a gypsy and country style. Cause I think browny is tomboy :D

Miss them all

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Share our talent with other people

Note :
Click at the image for larger view

I'm so glad and thanks to God and all participants at our charity project. Finally we can realize our first project.

In Indonesia we have some social elementary school. Everyone know that all student always need school bag. So together we try to make their dream come true.. Have a new school bag.

We must give an award to Fenny and Katrin who has joining our squares. They really did with their heart. Thank you so much for all your efforts to joining them and make beatiful bags.

Lenny who has channel with SD Juara arrange for this moment.

Now... look at their face.... Happy smile in them.. Lenny, Fenny and Katrin said that the students smile make all tired fly away.

Want to see all beautiful school bags.. click at http://from-dc-with-love.blogspot.com/

We still give them 29 bags, and there are still more bags that we must give to them.

Can we make more smiles?? Yes..we can.. lets dancing our finger again

Thank you for all participants.. Please keep pray for us.

Play with fuur yarn :D

This is a present for Sharon. She'll one year this month. She is a cutie little girl. I'll take a picture again when she wear these things.
Happy birthday Sharon! Be a good girl :D

USB adn HP cover

What do you think?? Cutie.. isnt it?? Make these items with my left over thread. Play with colour.
I still make Mr penguin and Piggy. Dont know when I could finish it. But I really want to make a HP case with amigurumi :D
Have a nice day !!

Bed Cover Cal

Material : ICT and softy cotton, acrylic linen

Size : 140 cm x 200 cm

Da..da... we have finished it. I really satisfied with this one. 5 people work together to make it. We make with knitting, tunisian crochet and crochet.
If you want to see some designs of these squares, please take a look at my posting before :D

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nano-nano project

Finally I could finish 3 wips. Too busy, too many activities make all of them must be patient of me :D. These projects works with feeling only and always the same in my free style method. Just dancing my finger.

This time I took a natural colour in my projects. Lovely... aren't they?