Monday, May 28, 2007

Christening dress for doll

What do you think?? Is it cutie? Isn't it... If you have a little girl maybe you could try it. This dress not mine. It was made by my friend Nancy. I really like it... If you want to know more you could contact


Rin7 Needles Craft said...

Wow... it's gorgeous... very cute dress...

Lenny Adziman said...

dear Oma Nancy,
I like your design, the girl doll looks alive with the christening dress, have a nice day, Oma :D


thanks for sharing mba thata :D

karyanya bagus banget ya mba, rasanya bonekanya itu hidup dgn
model baju itu :D

tujuan mba thata, mulia, smoga kta juga bisa begitu ya mba, amiinn..
bisa disayangi di hari tua.. amiinn


linda said...

it's very beautiful dress

Fenny said...

dear Oma Nancy,

your design very nice.. i like alot your design.. make the little girl look nice and cute... two tumb for you grandma..


Yuliazmi said...

Cutie dress, I love it's lacy border.
It's a gorgeus knit dress for any daughter. Every granddaugther will love it grandma Nacy :)

Hernik Widowati said...

Dear Oma Nancy..

It's a very cute doll, I like it, I wish I had a grandma like you....

Selvy said...

cakep banget dress nya oma, Chaca juga mau dong, buat barbie nya

Elizabeth said...

Oh I wish I had the pattern for this. Very cute! Thank you for sharing all your projects.