Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blouse Again

I made this 2 blouse with different material. The blue one (back less style) made from sporty yarn and the other one (red and white) made from cotton thread..

I made the blue one for participate at JD (craft gossip) project. I really enjoy make this one... like spring in my heart...:)

When I see this thread (blending red).. my inspiration sprang out. I want to make a blouse in different style.. And not to difficult to make. And this is the final project ( still havent cut off the tails). I made with bell hand. You can choose which one do you one to look (look at the pic). I made this blouse with 2 faces. You can choose which one do you like... :) Enjoy them..


linda said...

wuiiiiiiiiiiih cantik bener :)
ngiler liatnya

Lenny Adziman said...

canttiikk :D

Thata said...

Thank you yah Lin and Lenny. Ayo kapan2 buat blouse yah...:) said...

Thata your crocheting is simply fabulous. You do great work and it is very inspiring. Thank you so very much for sharing it.

Thata said...

Dear Rhea,
Thank you so much for visiting my site and for your kindness words. Glad to hear my projects could inspire you