Thursday, February 21, 2008

Twinkle Star popcorn blanket

Pattern is available at CraftandMe now
Twinkle..twinkle little I wonder what you're :)

I have seen some of star blanket in internet. Love them much, but I always havent time to do it.

I went to Malang on Sunday, only bring 2 yarn on my bag and 1 hook . It took 3 hours from here. What could I do? I need a baby blanket and i tried to make my own star, imagine for awhile, took a yarn and a hook. Start to dancing.... :). With trial and error first... finally I could make my lucky star :).
I finished it last night till 12 o'clock.. :). Finally I can make my star blanket with my free style.. he .. he... Hope I could write the pattern asap.
Hope it could inspired you for "another star". Happy crocheting always :)


Deb said...

Thata, this star blanket is amazing! I've seen several of these on the internet, but your pattern really is the prettiest. I always enjoy your work - it is inspiring. Thanks you for sharing.

Deb Joy

Thata said...

Dear Deb,

You're welcome mam. Thank you so much for your kindness and nice words. Glad to hear I could inspire you.


Mitzy said...

Thata, as always, you amaze me! This blanket is beautiful! I've made a star blanket before, but nothing that even compares to yours! Thanks for sharing the picture with us.
Mitzy :)

Thata said...

Dear Mitzy,

Thank you so much. Your nice words is means a lot to me. Your projects are great too.


Mitzy said...

Thanks Thata! :) Someday I hope to have just a tiny portion of the talent you do. I'm always amazed by the quality and amount of items you make. It is great to look at all of the things you create.
Mitzy :)

bona said...

Mba, aku mau deh beli pattern & benangnya sekalian utk project ini. So cute !!

Anonymous said...

Hello Thata, I am from Crochet Partners Yahoo group. Your work is very nice especialy your start blanket. Could you, please, let me know if you have a pattern available. Thank you in advance.

Françoise Y. Beauchamp (Mafyb)
Bois-des-Filion, Québec, Canada