Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My second book

Note : Click at the picture for larger imageThis book is release this weekend . Hope it could be distribute asap to all book stores in our country. I think this book will available at Gramedia next week. This is a crochet book for baby. Write in text and graph pattern (symbol). You can see booties, bibs, mitten, dresses, jacket, blanket, bed cover, bottle cover, pants, hats and skirt for babies.

Thank you so much for all supports for this book. I really appreciate it.

See you again in my next book (3) year???? he..he...


Yuliazmi said...

can't wait for the book... :)

Ira said...

ga sabar nih nunggu bukunya terbit. projectnya lucu2 banget mba. thanks ya sudah sediain pattern gambarnya, abis cuma itu yang aku ngerti ^^;;