Thursday, April 23, 2009

EARTH DAY April 22

Save our Earth.

In our country "Aqua Gallon" is very popular. Every day we drink this. But the problem is.. to many plastic cover in my home.

I try to cover this plastic with flower. Crocheting them 2 sides. Look at them..Are they pretty??

I want arrange them to make a room divider or a wind chains.. Or just put them in glass jar. It looks great. Choose the colours that you love..

With this simple thing we can save our eart from our family. Only a small thing.. but could help our next generation.. :D

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jd said...

As usual, Thata, your creativity is almost overwhelming. I love to recycle whatever I can with my crafting. These are so attractive. I'd love to see a glass jar full of them. If you put them in a pretty bowl, they would look good enough to eat!! Thanks for sharing.
jd in st louis