Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recycle Flower dress

 Note : Click at the image for larger view
Sharon needs a recycle dress for her activity in her school. Her mom ask me if I could help make a recycle costume for Sharon. I love to do it. I used plastic bag ( in our country plastic bag is colourful ) and Rafia yarn ( white colour). I used crochet hoook 3,5 mm. Cut plastic bag in 2cm wide and dancing my hook.
Lovely. Isnt it?


Anonymous said...

This is so pretty. what a wonderful way of recycling.

Thata said...

Thank you so much.

Noble Retrievers said...

Thata, your work is absolutely beautiful and this is no exception. Thanks for sharing.

Thata said...

Thank you so much for stopping by at my site an give a comment of my works. I really appreciate it.

liana said...

Keren sekali:) idenya cemerlang banget;)
Aku juga pengen punya store online about crochet, tapi masih jauh sepertinya. untuk mengawalinya aku sudah membeli buku-mu mom. Dan mulai berkreasi. sukses terus ya