Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hang it and you'll love it ( play with recycle )

What do you think?? Do you imagine that all of them made from recycle project.

You only need some plastic bags ( to make flower ), some twigs from your tree ( frame ), a card from your friend.

Arrange them. And you'll see how beautiful it will be in you wall. A unique and artistic :)


jd said...

this is wonderful! i have made 5 pointed stars with twigs i got from trees in my yard, tied them together with simple twine, then sprinkled with a bit of glitter after brushing with white glue. they were beautiful for christmas. i like the idea of embellishing with the recycled plastic bag flower. thanks so much for sharing, as usual.
jd in st louis

Thata said...

Dear JD,

I love your idea JD. I will do it for this christmas. Thank you so much for your compliment too. Glad could share and inspire each other.

big hug,

Lia_Lovaa said...

Hi. very creative .. I also want to learn ^ __ ^ I already follow, follow me back