Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Model 48 (Ovaal kanten kleedjes)

My friend Wilma send me a mag from Finland. She knows that I love crocheting and knitting. I falling love with this doily. Cause the stiches are different. You'll see 2 rows, but you only make 1 row. This doily is only needs 13 rows. Its about 55 cm. I used crochet hook 1,75 mm, broken white and silver gray Rayon.

 I didnt modify anything, except subtitute picot at last row with small pearl beaded. It ruffle at R7 but it will flat again after you work R9. Love this doily so much and inspire me alot.


wilma said...

wow keren ya jadinya, pastes tadi pas lihat kok kayaknya gak asing. aku lagi buat granny jaketnya say, nanti kalo udah jadi di upload di fb ya.

Thata said...

Thank you so much yah. Ada lagi nanti yg ambil idenya dari buku2 itu. Tapi bentuknya jadi lain..hehehehe.

Ayo ditunggu :)

laurelei said...

I love the seed pearls and the white and silver. This is beautiful. How long did it take to crochet?

Thata said...

Dear Laurelei,

Not too long cause the stiches realy helpful to make it this oval doily quickly to finish.

It's about 2 days only.