Thursday, March 15, 2007


Material :

Cotton thread no. 20 in broken white and yellow colours

Hook no. 3/0

Size : 45 cm x 75 cm
Need 2 days to make it. I havent wet blocking it.... :)


Yuliazmi said...

Paduannya cantik, apalagi dengan border kuning gitu...

Un des oliviers de Flo said...

Hello, I found your blog. I live in belgium (I speak french). It's a great blog. Nice items! What a work, it must take a lot of time to do that! Good job!
If you understand french you can read my blog : type "Les Oliviers de Florence" on google. I talk about Tuscany (I have a small house there). I hope to read you soon... Oliver

Thata said...

To : Oliver
Thank you for visiting my blog.
I cant speak french. And only speak English a little.

Alessandra said...

Hello thata... your blog is very nice... and your work too... Have a good weekend.... kisses from Brasil, ALESSANDRA

Thata said...

Dear Alexandra,

Glad to hear from you again... Hope my doily could inspire you..

Thank you so much

Big Hugs,

RN.MOM said...

Thata - Your work is extremely beautiful - I am at a loss for words - your work is fabulous and you are so speedy! Gad has truly blessed you with a unique and special talent.

RN.MOM said...

OOPS Thata - that was supposed to say GOD - I guess I don't type

Thata said...

Dear rn mom,

I really appreciate all of your kindness words to me. Thank you so much.... Hope I can use my talent to help each other.


Fazendo Crochê said...

Linda toalhinha..tenho paixão por!!

Thata said...

Caro Vania,
obrigado assim muito... Eu aprecio realmente... Hugs, thata