Friday, March 16, 2007


I still have some cotton left over threads, so i mix it with two colour cotton thread ( new brand ). This dress is mix with 4 colours : 2 blending colours thread ,yellow and turquese.
This idea sprang out when I see Kathy's daughter (mischele). She is so cutie... It'll be perfect if i match this with cutie hat too...
This pattern and finished product will available next week at THATA'S BOUTIQUE


Dianne said...

That, I continue to be amazed at your talent and creativity. Your designs are all so very pretty, and I look forward to every one of them.

Thata said...

Dear Dianne,
Thank you so much... You always visiting my site... And all your coments/kindness/motivation words make me addicted to crochet...:))

I know you have a great talent too but in different ways...