Sunday, June 10, 2007


These are my first tunisian project... I make a scarf with reversible stich mix with simple stich. Ribbing with blending yarn with crocheting stiches. My friends like the colour I chose.

I received some yarn from Yenny and Lenny ( thank's alot) as a gift. I mix this two yarn... and make a tunisian bag.. (work with double stiches)...
Thank you too for Essi M.... without your hook I cant make these project...:)


linda said...

beautifully much mbak ;)
i really love it

Lenny Adziman said...

2 thumbs up mba :D
sy suka tas ama syalnya :D

Ronnie said...

As always, I love your designs! The bag is simply adorable!

Thata said...

Dear Linda and Lenny,
Thank you so much for all your kindness words

Thata said...

Dear Ronnie,

Thank you so much for visiting my site... and thank you for your nice words... Hope it'll inspire you...:)