Friday, June 01, 2007


Make a new square motif for clothes is one of the challenge for me.. I always love to make a new motif... an when I joining this motif, I always amaze. It's make me addicted to make motifs again. This is one of my new motif for blouse... I still have two motifs in my head but cant finish yet cause I still have tunisian bag in wip, shawl in wip... etc.... If one day not 24 hours?? I hope I have more time to crochet ... :)


linda said...

very beautiful
i really love it

Selvy said...

blousenya cantik bangett... motifnya keren euyy, kapan dishare?

Ronnie said...

Thata...this is stunning! I love your work!

Thata said...

Dear Linda and Selvi,

Thank you so much. This pattern is for sale at CNM. Just wait a moment :)

Thata said...

Dear Ronnie,

Thank you so much for your nice words... :)