Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hello Kitty Pin Cushion

This is my project with my left over thread. I need a new pin cushion... I think Hello Kitty is one to easy to make and quickly too. Big enough ( 11 cm x 8 cm ). When my friend see it... She said... Ooo pin cushion??.. I think you'll better make a little cutie doll. So... she order me a hello kitty doll. Could I do it? Imagine for a while and just try it...:)


Rayne said...

I love this hello kitty!
Do you have a pattern for it that you would share. I own an in home daycare and am looking to make little purses for the girls for Christmas but am having a hard time locating a pattern. TOO cute!

Thata said...

Hi Rayne,

So sorry I make it just with trial and error and havent a pattern.

Rayne said...

Thanks anyway.