Monday, August 27, 2007

Entrelac Baby Hat

Baby projects again and again. Cause my friends need it these days. Hats, socks, blanket, sweater, vest... its all in my wip projects. Hope I could finish them on schedule..:)

This one is a preemie hat with tunisian stiches. I make with entrelac (love this method), and used cotton thread. Not too difficult but it's look great.
Note :
Now I have a model for my baby projects, this is a doll when I was a little girl. My mother sent me from Jakarta. Thanks for keeping my doll mom. Its fit for baby size (1-3 months)...:)


Ossy said...

Aiiiihhhh luthu skaleeee... susah gak sih Tha????

linda said...

cute banget

Yuliazmi said...

Cakep mbak..., jadi naksir bikin utk ponakanku. Susah ndak?

Thata said...

Thank you Ossy, Linda and Yuli. Bgm yah.. bilang gampang nanti susah, bilang susah nanti gampang. Aku sendiri masih mencari cara termudah and tercepat, tapi belum nemu. Ini belum perfect :)