Monday, January 21, 2008


Some of my friends wear Hijab (Indonesian people call it "Jilbab"). They always bring their plain hijab to me and ask me to added something on it. Sometimes I added with ribbon embroidery, beaded, ribbing them with something or I make a medium scarf with lace crochet.

Now, I try another one. Cover up plain hijab with lace crochet. Added emblishment flower on it. Finish.

Hope it could inspire you to make your "old" hijab look "new".
What do you think?


Needledreams said...

That's really lovely. I'm trying to do something like that but with tatted lace. Yours truly inspirational! Thanks for sharing.

Flametide said...

The Hijab is beautiful! I would not be surprised if others would want theirs looking as nice. Thank you for sharing

Thata said...

Hi, meet you here again. Thank you. Glad to hear I could inspire you. I always love your tatting works. Hope someday I could expert as yours (dream for a while). Still learning now...:)


Thata said...

Dear flametide,

Thank you so much, mam. I really appreciate it.