Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Valentine Vest

Valentine is coming. Try to make something sweet for this moment. So i choose flower and pink for point of interest in this vest.. Suitable to wear in Valentine.. :)
Hmm...I think I'll wait for a real flower from my hubby :)


linda said...

warnanya valentine banget mbak ;)
so sweet

Risna said...

waah...jadi pengen belajar bikin vest, kira-kira bikinnya lama ga mbak? ah tapi buat mbak Thata mah ga ada yang lama hehe..

heny said...

Wah,modelnya bagus neh,patternnya dijual ga Mbak????????

Thata said...

Dear Linda, Risna and Heny,

Thank you so much.

It's easy Risna. You can do it. Maybe you need about 10 days or 2 weeks for it.

Please be patient Heny I must finish my book first...:)