Sunday, April 06, 2008

Please cover your food :D

I create a new cover for myself. First I want to make it in ecru colour. But I change it cause my table cloth is in blue tone and also the place mat.. I look at my "viscose cotton" ( CraftAndMe ) the blue colour looks great for me. So I take a yarn and a hook...lets dancing again...
It's only need one ball of viscose and hook no. 7/0

Just with free style as always...:D Still make another one with different motif ?? Dont know yet.. I still need 2 cover now :)

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Mariana- name changed to protect the innocent said...

This is wonderful! I have often thought of making some of these but I would always forget to! Your's is great. The base of it looks like a wire basket for plants minus the coconut liner. But what is the hanger/handle part? Anyway, GOOD JOB - WELL DONE.