Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thata and threads

Here they're....
These are my thread stash. I think they're bigger every month :)
Am I an addicted of threads? Hi..hi..hi..
I just try to make it less but oo.. I cant stop to buy a new colour of them .
How about my yarn stash... Just wait for a while ... I'll post them later.... :D
When I see all of you.... My inspiration sprang out and love you all... Big hugs for all my thread.. Ooo what wrong with you Thata???


hernik said...

Tha, maybe you should read this :


Thata said...

I think we're in the same place..hi..hi..

Anonymous said...

frida ngiler mode on nih... :)

Anonymous said...

salam kenal, saya raka, new in srby n crocheting. beli benang di sini dimana???

malemk said...

Salam Kenal,
Mbak ada jual benang untuk Quilt gak?