Sunday, August 10, 2008

Share our talent with other people

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I'm so glad and thanks to God and all participants at our charity project. Finally we can realize our first project.

In Indonesia we have some social elementary school. Everyone know that all student always need school bag. So together we try to make their dream come true.. Have a new school bag.

We must give an award to Fenny and Katrin who has joining our squares. They really did with their heart. Thank you so much for all your efforts to joining them and make beatiful bags.

Lenny who has channel with SD Juara arrange for this moment.

Now... look at their face.... Happy smile in them.. Lenny, Fenny and Katrin said that the students smile make all tired fly away.

Want to see all beautiful school bags.. click at

We still give them 29 bags, and there are still more bags that we must give to them.

Can we make more smiles?? Yes..we can.. lets dancing our finger again

Thank you for all participants.. Please keep pray for us.

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