Monday, September 01, 2008

Mug for Your Hook

Some of my mug broken their handle. I just put them in my cupboard for awhile. I cant use them anymore. Throw them away?? I dont think so. I want to contribute at "green clean our world". Just in a small part.. with my family. So I try to recycle anything :).
I havent finished the body yet.. but I excited to share with you.. I'll post later if I have finished it.

This time I added a new cover/dress for my unused mug. It's very useful and easy to make.
Want to try it too??
Here is the pattern : Thata's Pattern


Heather said...

Fantastic! What a great makes your hooks so easy to access...and a great way to recycle!

Thata said...

Dear Heather,

Thank you so much. Glad to hear it can inspire you too.


olive said...

what a great design, beautiful work, thank you for pattern. wish i could think up designs. very nice