Thursday, September 04, 2008

Star Snow Flake Motif ? :)

Some of my friends ask me : How I make a scarf with this stich (motif )?

I have made before but havent take a pic. So I make a new one again and here it is... Still in WIP but hope you can imagine about this motif in a scarf project.

I know this motif long ago but dont know the name. I called it like Star flower stich. Now, I know from internet that some people called it as Snow Flake motif.

The important thing to make this one is :How to make a loopy with your yarn over in a same size. If you can make a puff stich I think it's easy to make this one.

This motif will be great if you use minimal with hook 3.0 mm

Hope it's useful.

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