Monday, February 19, 2007


I have 3 bags in WIP. Finally, I can finish one by one :)). I make this bag without pattern, only with feeling. I try to mix 3 stiches like slipper stich, dc stich and the last I dont know the name, cause I make this stich by my imagination only(maybe someone have use this too but I dont know). I use 2 different colour stich in one way (not tapestry crochet). Now I'll try to use 3 different colour in one way.
Size : 22 cm x 33 cm
Material :
1 ball of Bali cotton thread (no.20) @ 90 gram, 1/4 ball of creamy/ecru cotton thread no 20.


Anonymous said...

I love the design of this bag! Excellent work!

Thata said...

Dear Riohnna,
Thank you so much for all your comment to my works....

Corie said...

Wow how cool. I love the bali cotton bag. Very unique look. Excellent post and thanks a lot!
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