Monday, February 26, 2007


My sister give me this yarn about months ago. Its from lion brand (could see also at Customer Galery LION BRAND I always think that I'll make a knitting project with it. But lastnight I decided to try to make it with crochet. I love it. I only need 2 hours to make the scarf and about 30 minutes (less) to make a hat.... The texture of the yarn is quite good and I dont need to make a special stich. I did with dc st. Hook no.8. It needs 1 1/2 balls of lion brand yarn to make these item... I'll ask my sis to send me again another yarn like this.... :))

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esti said...

Waw...buat scarf dalam 2 jam dan topi dalam waktu kurang dari 30 menit? bisa secepat itu? gimana caranya? pengen....ajarin dong... :p