Sunday, September 23, 2007

Autum in my bag

This weekend I went to the mountain. My inspiration sprang out when I saw many leaves fell down, the path, the river flew... Amazing... I back to the villa and took a look at my threads pack.
Ooo I brought the colours that I needed. With hot chocolate, some cookies, fresh air in the nite... I started with it.
And here it is, my autum shoulder bag. Size 27 cm x 22 cm. I work with Indonesian cotton thread in 3 colours.
You can use this bag for "Lebaran" too.. a new one. It can be use for bring your "mukena" :) This project will be a part of participation of milis mari merajut at in September theme


Lesalicious said...

Very nice bag love the colors great job:)

Anonymous said...

wow cantik banget
Linda Nicegreen

Luanne said...

Thata, the bag is gorgeous!! Will you be sharing the instructions?