Monday, September 03, 2007

Etnic Table Cloth/Center piece

I have made a round centerpiece before ( Between Meal Centerpiece ) and love it. My round table needs another cover... I think broken white mix with brownie'll
be perfect. So I try to mix and match. I havent finished yet. My table cloth still at 60 cm... I want to make it in 100-120 cm.. It still a long journey..:) Now... i still imagine what next motif will I choose? Hmm.... Am I make it like a star until finish or make it in round? Still thinking... :) Crocheting or knitting always make me refresh again. Hope you could inspire too


Yuliazmi said...

Love the pattern... Nice colour, it make the center piece so ethnic.

Thata said...

Thank you Yul... Still WIP dont know what to do on next level.. still thinking... I think I'll finish my bag first...:)