Monday, September 10, 2007

Bag set (bag and HP case)

This bag is big enough to bring some books in it. You can put 2 diarys/planner book in it. Or I try to put my crocheting book in it. Wow... 8 books...:)
Size 25cm x 22 cm x 6 cm
Material : Cotton thread no. 20 in three colour
Hook no. 5/0 and no. 4/0 (for make handle)
Flower button 6 pcs
Stiches : sc, zipper st, and dc.
Level : Average


linda said...

wow, top banget deh mbak
gak nolak kalo dikasih :D

Yasmin said...

Beautiful bag! I love the colours and the design. As always , you do lovely work.

Thata said...

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your nice words. Keep crocheting...:)

Thata said...

Dear Yasmin,
Thank you so much for stopping by and all your nice words too.