Sunday, September 02, 2007

My birthday cake

Inspire from berocco link. So this is my creation for a cutie birthday cake... Like it much :)


enid said...

Okay, THIS IS CUTE! Thata, I bet a little girl would really like this to play with her dolls or to put on her dresser, in front of her mirror. Very cute! :)

Thata said...

Hi Enid, thank you very much. Good idea...i'll make some for our sunday school..:)

Ossy said...

Ya ampuuunnnnn luthu bgt Tha.... Bulan depan aku dapet juga gak???? hahahahaha

Yuliana said...

wahhhh the most yummmy cake that i ever see, i can feel the taste loh wakakaka...good job mbak thata...2 thumbs are so creative :)


Thata said...

Dear Ossy,

Ayo... si Aika dibuatin juga...:)

Thata said...

Dear Yuliana,

Thank you so much for stopping here and also for your nice words... Hope it could inspire you too.